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Tamper-evident packaging



For the ultimate security, Pak Solutions offers a full line of tamper evident packaging to meet your every need.



Excellent cost savings opportunity versus corrugated. Durable 3-ply coextruded polyethylene designed to ensure your products arrive safely. Optional dual closure for returns and external pouches available. Anti-static release liner.


Available in top/bottom or side by side

Bags are designed to offer maximum safety and security for ATM servicing. Replenishment / residual separate pouches. Can be produced in vertical and horizontal configurations.

  • Both pockets have premium tamper evident closure systems.
  • Bags can be made virtually any size.
  • Matching sequential numbers and bar codes available on both pockets.
  • Bar codes are available in any format including GS1.
  • Internal secondary pouches for documents and receipts.
  • Printed tear off receipt.
  • ¼” wide side seals for added durability.
  • Available with tinted film.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Available with customized printing and sizes.



Available in Single or Two handle Configurations

Meets Federal Reserve standards. Bulk coin bags hold up to 56lbs on coin and can be customized to your specifications. Stock bags also available..

  • Designed hold Federal reserve ready coin deposits.
  • Compatible with coin auto loaders.
  • Made with high strength material for durability and long-term storage.
  • Easy to carry triple reinforced handle.
  • Oversized closure with high strength adhesive for ease of closing.
  • Bar coding in several different formats available.
  • Printed tear off receipt.
  • ¼” wide side seals for added durability.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Available with customized printing and sizes.
  • Stock bags available.

PAK Solutions manufacturers Strap bags designed for the transportation of strapped currency. Bags can be produced with our full selection of closure options and are compliant with the requirements of the Federal Reserve. Stock 6 X 9 strap bags. Bag size and print can be customized.

  • Bags made with in-line or fold over closures.
  • Bags made in any size include one, five, and ten strap specifications.
  • Sequential numbers and bar coding available.
  • Made with high strength coex material .
  • Made Permanent high strength adhesive.
  • Customized graphics to your specification .
  • Printed tear off receipt.

STEB (Security Tamper Evident Bag)

STEB’s are utilized in duty fee shop across the globe and are manufactured under the ICAO (International Civilian Airline Organization) guidelines. PAK Solutions is recognized as an approved manufacturer of this product.

  • Premium taper evident closure system. Closure illustrates signs of tempering if exposed to extreme temperatures and saliva.
  • Can me made to any size.
  • Customized printing up to six colors.
  • Aqua detect feature when exposed to saliva.
  • Available in in-line or fold over closures.
  • High strength reinforced handle.
  • 3/8” side and bottom seals for added security.
  • Printed tear off receipt.
  • Available with RFID chip.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Stock bags available.






Customized to your specifications. Tamper evident seal to ensure evidence will not be tampered with. Evidence Bags have the same security features as our tamper-evident bags. Each bag has its own sequential numbering and matching receipt.

Each bag has a large white area to write all pertinent information. Made with durable polyethylene film to withstand transport.




PAK Solutions STOCK BAGS are made with high strength 3-layer co-extruded material. The closure system is cutting edge technology offering maximum protection for your deposits. The closure displays several visual features if exposed to cold, heat, chemicals and saliva. The product is also user friendly with an easy, convenient press to close or “in line” feature. the same security features. Our bags are also reinforced with ¼” flat or broad seals making entry from the sides extremely difficult.

 Single Pocket Bags



SizeCase Pack
9.5"; x 13.25" 1,000 per carton
12.5" x 16"   500 per carton
15.5" x 20"  250 per carton
19.5" x 28" 100 per carton
20" x 20" 100 per carton

Strap or “drop” Bags

6” X 9” Strap (drop) bags - 1000 per carton

Our coin bags and strap bags are made with permanent high strength adhesive

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